Do eggs with faces crack you up? Are you ready for an eggs-ellent time?

Welcome to an eggs-ceptional collection of twenty eggs with personality! Whether you prefer your eggs fried, scrambled or sunny-side up, there’s something here for everyone!

Crazy Eggs are a collection of digital collectibles on the WAX blockchain. Created by Joel Comm, co-host of The Bad Crypto Podcast and The Nifty Show, and co-creator of Blockchain Heroes and The Bitcoin Collection, this series of emotional eggs are sure to delight.

The twenty eggs come to you packed in a carton of six (6) eggs. Each carton randomly produces any of the twenty eggs. Collect six of any one egg and you can scramble (blend) them together to producer a special 3D collector’s edition of that egg!

All eggs are mint-on-demand, so the lowest mints will hatch first. And the race is on for the first people to mint the collector’s edition eggs!

The Crazy Eggs are SOLD OUT!.
Open Your Cartons!
Scramble Your Eggs!

The Scrambling arrives June 7th at 11 am EDT! Click here for all the sunny-side up info!