The Scrambling – Crazy Eggs Update 1.1

The scrambling fun is just beginning with the Crazy Eggs collection!

On June 7th, 2021 at 11 am EDT, you’ll discover multiple new ways to scramble your eggs and create all NEW NFTs! Some events have quantity limits and others are open.

Scrambles will go live over a period of FIFTEEN minutes between 11 am – 11:15 am EDT. They have to be created live in order to prevent early blends.

All scrambles take place on our NeftyBlocks page.

Here are the new mint-on-demand scrambles you’ll be able to participate in:

Scramble #1

There are 20 original common eggs in the collection. We’ve broken them into two sets of ten eggs each. Scramble ten eggs together to receive a new Mystery Egg! This egg is a pack which you can hold, sell or open. If you choose to open it on the packs page, here are the odds for what you might receive.

  • 50% chance to receive one of ten NEW Crazy Eggs in the new ACTION variation! (5% chance to receive any one new egg.
  • 40% chance to receive a NEW 3 egg carton random eggs from the collection of 10 new Crazy Egg characters.
  • 9% chance to get a Rotten Ronald egg. He’s a good for nothing rotten egg!
  • 1% chance to get an Eternal Egg! This is a NEW pack which you can hold, sell or trade. If you choose to crack this egg open, you are taking a big chance. But with risk can come reward! There are TWO slots in each Eternal Egg. You risk losing your Eternal Egg completely and getting something else. Here are the odds for what you might receive depending on what the Random Number Eggerator comes up with:
    • Slot 1 – 33% chance of Eternal Egg
    • Slot 2 – 50% chance of Eternal Egg

Scramble #2

There are twenty (20) 3D eggs which can be created from the original twenty common eggs in the set. Six of any one Crazy Egg can be scrambled into a 3D variation. Now, the first fifty (50) people to scramble a full set of the original twenty 3D eggs will create the GOLDEN KING EGG pack!

The King Egg pack can be held, sold or opened. If you choose to open it you are guaranteed to receive a WAXy William Egg backed by WAX! Since there are 50 of these, all WAX-backed WAXy Williams will be pre-minted. If you choose to burn the egg you will receive the amount of WAX backing it to your wallet. Here are the odds on the amount of WAX that will back a WAXy William Egg.

  • 100 WAX – 18%
  • 200 WAX – 48%
  • 300 WAX – 20%
  • 400 WAX – 8%
  • 500 WAX – 4%
  • 1000 WAX – 2%

Scramble #3

Do you have any original unopened cartons of Crazy Eggs? You can scramble the entire unopened carton and receive a NEW carton of Crazy Eggs sticker. If you choose to open the carton you will discover:

  • 3 random stickers eggs from collection of ten new eggs!

Scramble #4

Just when you think you can’t scramble any more, here’s an opportunity to set yourself up for the future of Crazy Eggs! Since there are TEN new eggs in the collection, you can scramble two of any new character with two stickers of the same character to receive a token which guarantees the holder a NEW Carton of eggs when the next series is released! The token is non-transferable so it can’t be sold after a claim is made.

4/20/2022 UPDATE: Since the second series is not being released any time soon (if ever), $5 in WAX has been dropped to all holders via an NFT which can be burned to release the WAX.

So what are you waiting for?  Get to scrambling here!